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Argentine DJ and producer born in the west of the province of Buenos Aires, Influenced by artists such as Jeroen Search, Oscar Mulero, Takaaki itoh, Lewis Fautzi, Dimi Angelis, Truncate, Sigha, Xhei, Rene Wise, Eric Cloutier, Alderaan, Feral, Cristian Vaela. . Owner of Fractvre Records and Co-Owner of Dissolved Mind Records. Despite its recent appearance, it quickly became known for its characteristic productions, which are composed of hypnotic sounds and prominent rhythms. that travel through the branches from sci-fi to raw techno, thus managing to edit in major labels nationally and internationally such as Alleanza, Human Recs, Monark Recordings, B55 Records, Airsound Records, West Rules, Vapor Trail, Corpus Black Records, Unterwelt Records, Concept Hypnotic, Default Series, Simplecoding Recording, Refluxed Records, Binaural Records, ROOM, Arido Records, Private Techno, Recorder records. His music has received support from great artists such as: Kwartz, Richie Hawtin, Len Faki, Vertical Spectrum, Lewis Fautzi, Exium, Takaaki Itoh, Cristian Varela, Andres Gil, Joseph Capriati, Allan Feytor, Oliver Deutschmann, Kriss Salas, Paula Cazenave, The Welderz, among others.

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