Vietnam // The Warehouse Hanoi



Curiosity At Its Best! Starting his musical journey with an undying fire in his heart from the age of 14, rolling through many genres over the years and finally building industrial techno/metal rock as the ultimate destination for himself. Spent 2 years as a technical support/audio engineer apprentice at Savage Hanoi. Participated in the Boiler Room Saigon program in 2020 as a supervisor / director of lighting operations. Currently working as Chief Technical Officer, Sound/Lighting Manager at The Warehouse Club. His music is forged from nuanced experiences from being exposed to music without much instruction. All packed with violence, speed, and chaos in one purposefully crowd-provoking sequence! Having shared the stage with some prominent artists in the global techno scene such as Exos, Denise Rabe, Ecilo,… And of course, always crave for more challenge!

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