Germany // Katermukke / Jannowitz Records



Berlin-based DJ and producer DOBé started his professional career in 2018 as an opener for Black Coffee in Munich, and quickly got booked by clubs all over Europe. Then in 2019 he visited China for the first time, where he did 5 shows in different cities. A rapid growth of his fan base allowed him to perform at big festivals like Burning Man, Afrika Burn and Feel Festival. DOBé’s shows are characterized by dark acoustic elements and deep sounds that subtly transition into a more melodic rhythm driving his audience into an euphoric mood. His music can be de- scribed as Techno with borrowed elements from Deep Tech and Acid House which make a very groovy and hypnotic mix. As a producer DOBé released 2 EPs that immediately got the support of established producers and DJs like Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Ilario Alicante,Township Rebellion, Paco Osuna, Electronic Groove and Ibiza Live Radio among others and entered the Top 20 Beatport Techno Charts after just one week.

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