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Loris Zerola, born 1986, approached music composition at 11, when started getting his first piano lessons. His thirst for experimentation and avant garde quickly led him to grow interest into the early 2000s hardcore and techno cultures. In his early 20s he then moved to Ibiza, spending a whole season to experience the club lifestyle to the fulllest. While in Ibiza, Loris had the chance to attend the best tech-house acts in town and meet the main characters of this ever- growing scene that eventually pushed him to start his own music career. During his decade-long career Loris Zerola has teamed up with internationally renowned DJs and producers, such as Ricky Ferri, Gabry Fasano and Matteo Gatti (Alchemy), appearing on some of the most reckon clubs in Italy, Link Associated (Bologna) Classic Club (Rimini) Home Club (Misano Adriatico) Bikini (Cattolica). In 2015 Loris debuts on the international dance- floor performing at several coveted tech- house acts in Europe. Loris Zerola is one of the founders of techno- itinerant music sensation Mai+Senza, quickly grown to become Italian East Coast clubbers’ favorite. Loris Zerola’s sound includes all European tech-house. A producer since 2012, his tracks are supported and played by Marco Carola ,Neverdogs, Music On , and many more….

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