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Abstruse, Carlos Manuel Ayala. Santa Rosa de Cabal / Risaralda / Colombia. Electronic melomano. He began his competent processes as a DJ in 2008, sharing the scene with nearby groups from the Colombian coffee region. After several years of being in constant interaction with different musical proposals and trends, he identified with the Deep House and Electronic and minimal genre. Having shared experiences with some groups exchanging concepts, they were treated to maturity to experiment with diversity of sounds and create their own identity embodied in their set. Telling a story with music is one of the most important things that can be found when listening to a DJ, its sound has led him to demonstrate his good musical taste in different settings, added to his experience with graphic design and visual art. they complement his vision of electronic music. Now he is working alongside musical collectives such as Ataraxis, Music Labels such as Lame Insults, Microdelights and Nada Espacial.

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