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Analog Context born in 1996 is a DJ & Producer from Istanbul/Turkey. His confidence has grown in producing tracks after a few landed positively in Charts and ‘Hype’ on Beatport. He adopted his own style that sounds euphorical, deep, progressive, atmospheric melodic techno. He often includes pessimistic and melancholy themes in his pieces. Ambient, new-age, inspired by classical music. The pieces he produced are very popular. He tries to bring a different perspective to electronic music by including the same themes on his stage. Music he released went up to spot 5 at Beatport Top 100. They are featured in many radio stations abroad and supported by big names. Mixmag Turkey party launch at Zorlu Studio (Istanbul) attracted a lot of attention towards him. Shortly after in Brazil, Agents Of Time supported his music. Despite being the youngest (23) names of the Turkish scene, he shared the same stages with Mathame, Fideles, Mind Against, Agents Of Time, Method Hristov, Trikk, Eelke Kleijn, Eli & Fur, Kevin de Vries, BOg, Jeremy Olander and more!

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