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Mavalo is an Antwerp based DJ/Producer. Born in the early 90’s, he got immediately infatuated with music thanks to the influences of his musically inspired family. It all started very early at the age of six when discovering the drums. Later in music school vocals and guitar would follow as well. When becoming a teenager and electronic music getting more and more popular, a whole new world opened up for Mavalo. Following the footsteps of his brother he started to absorb as much as possible from the international festival and club scene. Finally it was only in the summer of 2015 that the inevitable happened when he bought his first ever controller and started to dj. As from that moment it starts to go quickly for Mavalo. In fact, it didn’t take very long before the controller was replaced by more professional gear, the first mixtapes were recorded and bookings started to come in. During the summer of 2016 Mavalo got his first residency at Côte Belge in Knokke. In the summer of 2017 he performed at a couple of festivals and played at the magical mainstage of Destino (Pacha Beachclub) in IBIZA. After being a DJ for a couple of years he wanted to explore if he could make his own productions as well. With ‘Chocolate’ Mavalo had is first official release in June 2020 on ChessBoard Music. Later that year he released his ‘Feet Will Move’ EP on the mighty Midnight Riot Records. Mavalo can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Every month a new mixtape called ‘Recordbox’ is uploaded on Soundcloud in which he presents a fine selection of fresh new tunes. Mavalo doesn’t think too much in terms of genres. Far more importantly, the vibe is all that matters to him. However, if a particular style has to be marked, then an energetic mix of Disco House, Jackin’ House, Jazzy House and Future Funk would give you a pretty good idea. Due to the Covid pandemic he was not able to play any gigs. Because of that he decided to do a year full of guest mixes at radio stations all over the globe. All the mixes can be re-listened at his regular Recordbox series on SoundCloud. When the Covid situation is back under control, Mavalo will go on his planned tour in Italy and Austria which was cancelled because of the pandemic. He’s also starting his own record label Smooth Flavor Records this year, together with 2 friends: Producer George Cynnamon and Producer and Master Engineer Début d’Or. The Three Musketeers will release their own tracks exclusively and vinyl-only.

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