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Giulio began his journey into the electronic music world at the age of 18 meeting a special mentor, Freddy K, at the vinyl shop “Remix”. He fell in love with techno music – the Sound of Rome immediately infected him. In 2006 Giulio met Fabio Sestili and they started their own project, Ipologica. He has been dj resident in two of the most important underground techno parties in Rome: Glucose and Container Project at the Animal Social Club and Brancaleone. He is involved in artistic installations, audio/video performances, solo and group live performance and dj sets, he works as Ableton Live teacher and music composer for video and has experience as radio speaker and editor at Nea Radio (Brancaleone), Container Radio and Artificial Intelligence on Rai Radio Live. His style is refined but powerful, deep, liquid and groovy. His solo project is techno-oriented, and he has also collaborated as a producer and performer with other artists (Ramin Bahrami, Martux M, Danilo Rea), exploring different genres from electronic pop to classical and jazz. He has released his music on many labels: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Naked Lunch, Biorecordings, M_Rec Digital, Resiliens and Labrynth just to name few. As dj he has played in international clubs like Behind The Stage in Warsaw or The Egg in London and in roman clubs like Brancaleone, Animal Social Club, Lanificio, Rising Love, Rashomon, Akab, Init, Qube and many others and shared the consolle with PaulaTemple, The Analogue Cops, Regis, Donato Dozzy, AnD, Bas Mooy, Dasha Rush, Ø (Phase), SHXCXCHCXSH just to name few.

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