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The AquAdro project, was born in Benevento (Italy), since January 2007. The duo is formed by Andrea Del Grosso and Antonio Castaldi, in fact the first letter of their respective names creates the acronym AquAdro. Passionate about music since childhood, the young duo establishes his musical roots in the progressive world. Resident in their hometown and protagonists in parties in their province, the AquAdro immediately manage to have an excellent result from the public in the dancefloor, thanks to their ability to know how to drag. Their career has been influenced by the great progressive era of 2000 and by great artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Dish, Satoshi Tomiie, Moshic, etc … Their musical choice is the sum of good personal taste in the music world. In 2009 they start their work as producers, immediately recognizing their talent, they are approached by many labels such as Bonzai, Sudam, Mistique etc … Protagonists on the radio “Progressive.beats” with the monthly show “UTOPIA” where you can listen to the their sound. In 2013, they began their experience as a “Founder” of a label called “Revelation” which tries to offer a quality sound in collaboration with many other artists, always following a progressive “mood”. Their constant musical research never ends and with the mutation of their kind they have been able to adapt without ever leading to the banal proposing in their sets a kind of melodic “progressive hybrid” sound with nuances that vary from house, deep and techno.

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