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Pillar of experimental urban minimalist music in his region since 2007 Characterized by minimalism and street house culture, it is what envelops the atmosphere on the dance floor at the moment of witnessing in detail the attention to extreme rhythms on each occasion. Supporting musicians and street artists since he was a child. Mixing tracks of the classic sounds of house music in general that would extend to the Minimal House in a very characteristic way. He is introduced to the world of production in 2016, specializing in minimalist environments with a multi-year DJ career currently with productions for record labels around the world. As a producer and remixer, he performs in each set abstract and clear sounds as well as hypnotics with panoramic atmospheres whose sounds are highlighted sounds of objects, real abstract materials with inputs and outputs of indie categories that keep the linear bpms and changing rhythms. long-lasting are the sounds that characterize its profile and characteristics, its releases always cover the top 100 of the beatport minimal / deep tech category such as Venusian Stories, Barraca, Toasted, Bee object, Desperado and more It was part of the project and festival called cycles ‘Jump’ from 2008 to 2011, currently founder of Mnmlu¨ Movement minimal united¨ whose project gave birth Thanks to the support of partners, friends, djs in general, former resident of the Sequence club, participates and participates in various parties, such as House music sessions, MNML showcase, departure lounge, Deloop (cde), DollBox project, Viejaus, Viejaus Special, Submerged, Inferno (Incarnat ion), Sequential, Disco Funk Sessions, Stereo Sunset (Cde), The Redroom, Viejalloween, Haunted, Cosmic (Encarnation), CNTRL, Commute, My house dance club, Groove and several more, clubs with national and international djs whose surround sound and comfortable for the general public is resistant to all kinds of schedules. He has shared a booth with artists such as Voigtmann , Makam , Max Vaahs, Dani Casarano, Oshana, Rudolph(Birdsmakingmachine) ,Alex Aq, Daniela Cast , Imanol , Rafael Onid, Trentz, Furz, Wil Do, and many more. His music has been supported by artists the likes of: Marco Carola , CSURT , arthus , Lulla , Sosa , Vlad Bretan , Cojoc , Chklte , Jorge Savoretti , Son of Elita , Rudolph.

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