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Claudio Parolini, (aka Claude) was born on Valentine’s Day in 65 from a family of musicians; her father studied accordion, her mother, a dancer. Here “Claude” listens, since he was a child, to a variety of different music (from gospel to soul, in addition to the Italian music of Mina and Battisti) that lead him to have a particular sensitivity for all that is quality music. At the moment he prefers black music (funky, disco, r’n’b, etc) but in his private disco with over 2,500 vinyls you can find music for all tastes (garage, house, electro, etc.) He has play in various places: Ragno d’oro, Spazio Antologico, Plastic, Caffè Ventaglio, Armani privè and Rolling Stone where he promoted the RTP project (respecttheplanet) aimed at electronic music and “Clubbing”.

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