Hong Kong // Moteur Ville Musique / Biotop Label



With a signature sound void of pretension and any need to be trendy, enveloping listeners with her own personality and story as basslines pump and roll between slicing snares adrift delicate vocals. Continuously spiraling and building upwards, playful and bouncing but no less severe or moody, Ocean Lam’s sound is atmospheric, shifting moods and energies whichever way she sees fit. She has built and cultivated with drive and passion over more than a decade. Ocean has played at many major festivals and underground clubs in Asia, Epizode, Wonderfruit, Equation, Intro and Sonar HK and in Germany Melt and Feel Festival. She was tapped to represent Hong Kong at its first live edition of Boiler Room at Shi Fu Miz festival. Also, often played in Berlin, Milan as her annual Europe tour playing with many international artists and label nights. The uncontested regional opener for heavyweight names like Sven Vath, Efdemin, Axel Boman, Nick Hoppner, Sammy Dee and many more..

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