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Javier Martínez has always conceived musical production as the basis of his lifestyle since he started professionally in the industry and without the hearing disability with which he was born truncates the dreams and objectives of what we now know as Ctrls303. After a retired time, he returned in 2008 to the booths of numerous clubs in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Ibiza, Madrid, Almeria or Berlin, among others, contributing to the electronic scene a renewed musical selection with a lot of personality, under coherent lines that They evoke Deep and Dub Techno, under a Detroit sound sense. In 2010, immersed in the production gives life to Submoover Records, the record label of Deep Techno, Dub Techno and Techno with Toni Martínez, with important releases such as Tiritatucan – Tiritatucan EP, Dany Angelelli – Alchemy of Technology EP or Analog People – The True EP, among many others. After two years of hard work, in 2012 Javier is diagnosed Retinosis Pigmentary Usher syndrome type II (Deaf Blindness), a rare disease without cure today that affects both vision and hearing, which leaves him outside the world of production, assimilating his fate. However, in 2018 and with the desire to express his feelings more than ever, Martínez takes the reins of his future to return to compose and produce electronic music in a combination of talent and tenacity that will bring us to the beginning of next year 2019, as result, his new and more intense musical projects under the alias of Ctrls303 and sponsored under the demanding record label Rhod Records. Unlimited. Because to love is always power.

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