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PEPPOU has been established as one of the best exports from the Bulgarian electronic music scene in the past several years. Ever since the early 2010s his profile is only growing upwards. Peppou’s perseverance in the studio and behind the decks has brought him to the higher echelon, making him distinctive act all around. Peppou can easily be assigned being amongst the few new wave artists with an expressive production and of sound of its own. His ambition though has driven him taking part in some of the best independent events and productions in his local scene and Europe. On home ground he has set himself as one of the central figures in the best club for electronic music – EXE and a key resident and crew member. His perception on how his music should be served to the crowd is what made him stand out. The attitude during a performance is always focused on exhibiting a wide variable spectrum of electronic music. His expression of musicality is getting more divers with him adding more aliases to his biography. Styles ranging from house, techno, minimal and progressive and all the way around to the latest edition of organic house. His technique behind the decks makes him a figure to observe through a performance. To put in words, best describing his musical persona is a blend of dynamic sound and body rocking bass. His releases have been delivered by labels like Set About and EXE Audio amongst the most notable. On stage with: Boris Brejcha ArtBat Ida Engberg SAMA Abdulhadi Ilario Alicante Alan Fitzpatrick and many more…

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