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Aris involvement with electronic music started almost two decades ago. At the age of 15 bought his first vinyls and instantly the question “How is this music made?” made him buy his first computer and start experimenting with sounds in the late 90’s. Born, raised and still based in Athens (Greece) at the age of 18 started spinning vinyls on local bars and small clubs around Athens. His first release came out under his real name (Aris Grammenos) on No Border Recs at 2008 and after that numerous tracks and remixes followed up on labels such as No Border Recs, Sound Of Everything, Proton Limited to name a few. The year is 2012 and Aris felt the need to re-create his sound and 4 years later on 2016 his first EP was released, under his current artist name “Grammik”. Grammik’s breakthrough comes on the year 2020 by joining the family of the respected Steyoyoke records by releasing two original tracks “White Heart” and “Kalopsia” on “Quadrivium” vol. 6. Grammik’s sound keeps the basic dreamy pads and mind-bending arps and melodies but in a more techno oriented sound. Inspired by “everything that can make my mind dream and my heart sing” as he says keeps producing deep and melodic techno tracks. He is well known for his built up dj sets that can begin from electronica and finish up to techno. Music knows no boundaries and at the end as he always mentions: “Music is what are feelings would say if they had a voice, so it’s better if they have to say a beautiful story”

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