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End Of Twins is an Italian-based electronic music duo consisting of Mauro Renna and Alessandro Basile. The project was born at the beginning of the year 2020 after the idea of Alessandro to join forces in a single project. Both, with a passion for melodic techno, gave life to the project End Of Twins. Their own sounds contaminated by various musical styles, hard and beating, are combined with airy armonized pads and melodies that take you on an emotional journey full of details. For their work they use many polyphonic and paraphonic analog synthesizers such as the Moog Subsequent 37 and other type Nord Lead, Electron Machinedrum, Microfreak combined with digital VSTs. In the studio they love to work separately, but they constantly exchange ideas and projects, eventually choosing the best ones to carry on. Their eyes are always on the dancefloor blending the energy of Alessandro with the introspectivity of Mauro, that’s what makes their works unique. In constant update on trends and world music scene, they always look for their own sounds. Welcome to this journey.

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